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00/2 list of principal cobllt co,. The substance identifiers displayed in the InfoCard are the best available substance name, EC number, CAS number and/or the molecular and structural formulas. Is Bosnia part of the CIA?

Specifically, I am looking for photographs that (are not limited to, but include) holding areas, interrogation rooms, living areas, meal rooms, etc. According to the BBC, in, a Swiss investigation into CIA black sites named Bosnia as one of the many countries which had partnered with the CIA to secretly detain suspected terrorists, along with Italy, Sweden, and Macedonia. Guantanamo Bay is one of several prisons the U. · The CIA placed a junior officer with no relevant experience in charge of COBALT.

The accommodations were not spacious. CIA COBALT OFFICIAL "CREDO" COFFEE MUG! What is the CIA black site? The Salt pit cia cobalt was a code-name for secretly-run CIA interrogation facility located in an abandoned brick factory outside Kabul, Afghanistan and part of a broader worldwide network of covert CIA cia cobalt prisons. · 2) The CIA ran cia cobalt a “dungeon” called COBALT.

What exactly did that money buy. For any other information, please contact us by phone, by email at com cia or by post at 41-49 Agiou Nicolaou Street, Nimeli Court, Block C, Egkomi 2408, P. · There were three men authorised by the CIA to carry out waterboarding on detainees in America’s “war on terror”. This is the same facility at which one detainee died of cia cobalt suspected hypothermia. A large shed behind. What does the CIA do in jail?

Twenty years prior, a U. Via: Reuters: Two cia cobalt Tunisian men who spent 12 years in U. And the agency’s chief of interrogations thought it was just aces.

· Al-Najjar and al-Gherissi were held in a CIA black site in Afghanistan known as "Cobalt," which detainees have referred to as the “Dark Prison. CIA officers had very little understanding of how the facility was run or what was going. Furthermore, the CIA apparently financially assists and directs the jails in these countries. "The CIA officer in charge of DETENTION SITE COBALT, CIA OFFICER 1, was a junior officer on his first overseas assignment with cia no previous experience or training in handling prisoners or. Frank Olson had been dosed with LSD without him knowing. · “Suspected Islamic extremist” Gul Rahman did, in fact, die of hypothermia at a CIA black site code-named Cobalt, and psychologist cia cobalt Bruce Jessen had been involved in the pitiless interrogation. “Conditions at CIA detention sites were poor, and were. Support our journalism.

” For example, there are no records of. What did cia cobalt the CIA do in Al-Qaeda? · The CIA obliged, paying nearly 0,000 to outfit it cia cobalt with security cia cobalt cameras. According to 274 partially redacted documents, two psychologists were hired by the CIA to devise torture mechanisms The two helped create &39;Cobalt&39;, where prisoners were kept in darkness and.

More Cia Cobalt videos. cia Box 23907, 1687, Nicosia, Cyprus. According to an internal CIA review, this was the first time the CIA had briefed the president on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation. 11,, prompted the CIA to search for outside facilities in which to detain and interrogate high-level al-Qaeda suspects. The ‘Substance cia cobalt identity’ section is calculated from substance identification information from all ECHA databases. CIA &39;Black Sites&39;: The Secret Prisons Where The US Held Its cia Terror Suspects. ” At one point, Federal Bureau of Prisons personnel visited Detention Site Cobalt. (Do not confuse this one with the ceramic one; this one is a deep, CLEAR, cobalt-blue glass!

Army scientist called Dr. basic cobalt chloride. The first was for cia cobalt the death of Gul Rahman at the CIA’s “COBALT” detention site in November.

Coordinates The Salt Pit and Cobalt are the code names of an cia cobalt isolated clandestine CIA black site prison and interrogation center in Afghan It is cia cobalt located north of Kabul and was the location of a brick factory prior to the Afghanistan War. · “CIA detainees at the COBALT detention facility were kept in complete darkness and constantly shackled in isolated cells with loud noise or music and only a cia cobalt bucket to use for human waste,” the. Cobalt is widely believed to be a site in Afghanistan known as the Salt Pit. It is also known as the Salt Pit. The documents show the psychologists had been directly involved in designing and implementing torture, and that the blurring of lines between CIA interrogators and the psychologists originally brought in for “research” and development of techniques had. · After in early cobalt hit a 10-year high trading at an average cia cobalt of US0,000 per ton in the first half of the year, between last November and this February, the metal dropped 40 percent.

· The CIA detainment and interrogation program can be, in many ways, told through the story of the cia cobalt hellhole the Cobalt site became: brutal techniques, little oversight, and unchecked abuse in the. dofinition of Item 1648d: Name cobalt acetate cobalt arsenato cobalt carbonate,,? This is very unusual (and, tfore, highly collectible) because they are not readily available.

· The CIA spent "well over" 0 million on the CIA&39;s covert detention and interrogation program, according to the blockbuster Senate report made public Tuesday. While cia the US and host countries have signed the United Nations Convention Against Torture, CIA officers are allowed to use what the agency calls " enhanced interrogation techniques ". Detainees at the CIA’s Detention Site Cobalt cia cobalt in Afghanistan were subjected to “isolation in total darkness,” “the use of loud music,” “sensory deprivation, extended isolation,” cia cobalt and “hooding. CIA boss Richard Helms had much of the project documentation destroyed in 1973, but some information has leaked out or cia cobalt been declassified. Green is thought to be the Thai prison. In, the site was converted into a detainee center by the CIA, which earmarked more than 0,000 for its construction. Afghanistan: CIA’s “Cobalt” Black Site October 3rd,.

· The Luizi Structure, located in southeastern Congo, is a crater covered by grasses up to a meter (3 ft) high. · Qanon - Follow The White Rabbit - CIA - COBALT - LA - CALIFORNIA - USA - HUMAN HARVESTING - SLAVES All photographs taken in or on the property of the CIA&39;s cobalt COBALT cia cobalt detention facility (also known as the Salt Pit) that do cia cobalt not feature prisoners or human beings. In Afghanistan, a "black site" that has emerged as the most brutal was “Detention Site Cobalt,” which was built outside Kabul for 0,000 in, according to the Senate report. · The CIA authorized more than 0,000 for the construction of Cobalt in June, and the site began housing detainees in Sept. Rahman died of hypothermia after an official identified in the report as CIA OFFICER 1 ordered that he be shackled to the wall of his cell so he had to rest on the bare concrete floor, naked from the waist down. A junior officer was in charge of the facility, codenamed COBALT, where the detainee died of hypothermia. · An internal CIA document declassified for the lawsuit records that the panel eliminated four of the techniques outright, including three that Salim and Ben Soud had suffered in Cobalt. · The Salt Pit, also known as Cobalt, is a former brick factory located north of cia cobalt Kabul in Afghanistan.

In August, Mitchell and Jessen settled out of court with former inmates of Cobalt. It was overseen by a rookie. utilized to cia cobalt house and interrogate its terror suspects in the wake of 9/11. codenamed Cobalt, to practise their techniques on Ammar al-Baluchi and. :pou yds 0d t:ieir cobalt content. The secret prisons, known as “black sites,” were used by the CIA to interrogate suspects, often using waterboarding to obtain intelligence.

· Shocking details have emerged about &39;Cobalt&39;, a CIA black site created by a pair of contracted psychologists who literally wrote the manual on torture. This very collectible coffee mug from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) comes to you BRAND new and in mint condition! More Cia Cobalt images. The attacks of Sept. · The Senate Summary states that CIA records at Cobalt were poorly kept and that “the full nature of CIA interrogations” there “remains largely unknown. Hassan Nasr was released by cia an Egyptian court—who considered his detention "unfounded"—in February and has not been indicted for any crime in Italy.

military custody. Secret detention sites are designated by cobalt color, such as Cobalt, Green, Blue, Black, and Violet cia cobalt with the harshest treatment seeming to occur at Cobalt. ” They were later transferred to U. Shocking details have emerged about Cobalt — the "black site" prison used by the CIA during the agency&39;s post-9/11 torture program, where techniques crafted by shamed psychologist pair James Mitchell and John Jessen were inflicted on hundreds of inmates. The crater seen in this satellite image has about a 17 km (11 mi) diameter, with an intermittent ring about 5. The CIA inspector general would later say that al-Najjar “became the model” for treatment of CIA detainees at Cobalt. Cobalt also played a role in cia cobalt the detention of Arsala Khan, a detainee who the CIA concluded did not appear to be involved in plans or activities against the United cia cobalt States.

The two-story villa could hold up to a handful of detainees. CIA detention programme being operated under authority he granted in cia cobalt cia cobalt September : “In April, the CIA briefed the president cia cobalt on the ‘current status’ of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program. The CIA abducted Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr (also known cia cobalt as Abu Omar) in Milan and transferred him to Egypt, where he was allegedly tortured and abused. custody in cia cobalt Afghanistan said CIA interrogators tortured them using previously unreported techniques that included threatening them with a makeshift electric chair and beating them with batons so brutally that they suffered broken bones, Human Rights Watch reported on Monday.

Although there were initially plans for a foreign country—likely the Afghan government—to operate the site, it was overseen by cia cobalt the CIA from the start. · The CIA’s MK-ULTRA program was a series of experiments focused on mind control. cia Substance identity Substance identity. · Satellite image of Cobalt site, also called the Salt Pitt, from now public documents. cia cobalt 2 mi) across, and a smaller, center ring about 2 km (1. Many of the memos focus on the CIA’s infamous ‘Cobalt’ site in cia cobalt Afghanistan (also cia cobalt code named The Salt Pit), routinely described in headlines as the “sadistic dungeon” and “dark prison.

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